5 ways to celebrate National Cognac Day

5 Ways To Celebrate National Cognac Day

For the past four years, the United States celebrate National Cognac Day on June 4th, where it originated from, but also in England and France. This day pays tribute to this cosmopolitan spirit consumed around the world. On this occasion, everyone will be able to taste and appreciate Cognac in bars, restaurants and wine shops.

This day will be an opportunity to immerse oneself in a unique world.

Cognac and food pairings to celebrate National Cognac Day

National Cognac Day is a day to celebrate Cognac around the world

Cognac is the jewel of French gastronomy but also 98% of it is exported to over 150 countries. In particular, in the United States, Afro-American and Hispanic communities are especially fond of this elegant spirit. In addition, in China, they often enjoy it at the table and increasingly in cocktails. While in England, the mixology culture is very strong and Cognac is more and more popular.

National Cognac Day

Taste Cognac in new, unique ways

Trendy, cosmopolitan, a symbol of French excellence, and a source of inspiration for urban culture, Cognac is an essential spirit that has found its place on tables and bars throughout the world. Although there are many ways to consume it – dry, on the rocks, in cocktails, as a long drink, as an aperitif, as a digestif, or at the table with food – it always appeals to a clientele in search of refined consumption, discovery and authentic products.

Choose your favourite cocktail

Cognac is most popular as a cocktail ingredient around the world. This is how 70% of it is consumed worldwide. This figure illustrates the great popularity of mixology, both in England and abroad. The very first Cognac-based cocktails were created in the early 19th century. The most famous is the “Mint Julep”, created around 1800 in the United States: Cognac, fresh mint and sugar.

Since then, bartenders all over the world have redoubled their creativity to invent unique recipes or reinterpret the greatest classics. “Sidecar”, “Cognac Summit”, “Sazerac” or “Harvard”: consumers can choose their favourite cocktail. You can find all the recipes on

Find out more about Cognac’s origins

The success story of Cognac began nearly four centuries ago. It continues even today, passing it down from generation to generation. The people passionate about Cognac continue to promote this unique French heritage, and this spirit “made in Charentes”.

Cognac combines respect for history with a quest for excellence and creativity. Between heritage and contemporaneity, the trade and winegrowers anchor Cognac in their territory while giving it an international scope.

National Cognac Day is an opportunity to plan a trip to the region

Cognac is also a tourist place and a superb region to explore. The largest white vineyard in France, it offers a wide variety of actors, distilleries and landscapes to discover. The Cognac houses and winegrowers open their doors to visitors to share their history and their unique know-how. They offer memorable experiences in the heart of the Charentes, all under the same banner: Explore Cognac.

You can find more on Cognac and National Cognac Day on social media with the hashtag #nationalcognacday.

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